Bala Hijam: The Beauty of Manipuri Cinema with a Heart of Gold

When we are passionate about something we do, there isn’t anything we won't be able to accomplish- Bala Hijam

Bala Hijam is a perfect combination of heavenly beauty with a heart of gold.

When it comes to beauty, there will be few who can match Bala Hijam, but it is not the only front she commands. Regarded as the ” The reigning Queen of Manipur Cinema”, Bala Hijam is the most followed, most liked and of the most successful actresses of Manipuri Cinema.

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Her undeniable beauty and her versatility in acting are proofs that she is a born diva. Bala Hijam debuted in the Manipuri Cinema Industry at a young age of as 15 as a child artist. From there, to becoming the most sought-after actress who is cast in every second movie of Manipuri Cinema, she has come a long way. Such is the limelight she enjoys.

Her beautiful smile resonates with the beauty of the heart. Bala Hijam has been associated with charity work and has played an active role in the empowerment of Manipuri women.

“ Thabak ama toubada Isha na pamna touradi loinamak tackle touba ngamme, ” meaning, “When we are passionate about something we do, there isn’t anything we won’t be able to accomplish,” said Bala in an interview in a TV Show ‘Manung Hutna’. The down-to-earth, yet determined actress said that she had no formal training in acting and that she had put in all her efforts and passion towards acting. And this gradually built-up experiences from all the films she had done and has been doing are the factors that have brought her this far.


Bala Hijam in TV Show Manung Hutna




In Manipuri Cinema, the actors and artists are forbidden from acting outside the state, especially in Bollywood Industry. The reason behind this is summed up in one word “controversy”.Yet, she went beyond and featured in a Dulquer Salmaan starrer Malayalam movie titled ‘Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi’, where she played the role of a Northeast Indian girl. But unfortunately, she had to call off her another role in ‘Zindagi On the Rocks’ simply because it was a Bollywood movie. Passion indeed drives her, but hard work completes her. And this is the fact behind why the state owns her like a gem, which to her, unfortunately, feels being trapped. She wishes for more artistic freedom in the state.

Bala Hijam in neelakasham


“I don’t deny the fact that movies released by the Manipur Cinema industry have a low budget and the market is small, however, I have a big dream here; somewhere down the line I might become a Director or I might become a Producer or will remain an Actor”, says Bala.

Bala Hijam is also an amazing singer, however, she sings only when requested, because she is “too shy” to sing in public and in front of the camera. “A complete diva”, this is what sums her up. She is the reflection of all the beauty and grace the women of Manipur are born with.

A brief about Bala Hijam: 

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  • Birthplace – Imphal (Manipur)
  • Date Of Birth – 9 June 1992
  • State- Manipur
  • Nationality- Indian
  • She has acted in about 40 Manipuri Movies
  • Awards: Best Actress Award at 8th Manipur State Film Festival, 2013 for the Manipuri movie Yaiskulgee Pakhang Angaoba.                   
  • The Special Jury Award 2011 from Film Academy Manipur (FAM)

Featured Image Source: Bala Hijam’s Facebook Page