Fashion in NorthEast India

North-East stands out always in every aspect. Their taste in music containing the blood of rap culture, blues, and rock makes them stand at a level higher than the rest of the country’s taste. All these refer to their own and ‘not-derived’ signature style and passion which makes them stand out and we can’t do more than drool and admire their uniqueness.

Have you ever wondered what makes them stand out particularly their blazing fashion sense and ‘not-so-usual’ style, making the region the style capital? Don’t worry North-east India is in India itself. They share the same currency as the rest of the country does and yes, you don’t need a passport to get there. Don’t worry; this region is more than just momos and being discriminated as ‘Chinese’.

When you move around this region, the inhabitants can be seen blended into all styles like punk, preppy, and so many just under one roof. The clothes they adorn are the expressions of their love for the world of fashion, an extension to express them, to express their uniqueness like the other regions and to come out as a distinct individual. The fashion culture among the women already leads the cluster with their high skills to curate this art of fashion with so much class and ease, developing styles that may be risky yet they never fail to take us back. The region’s men are equally as stylish and have a great inclination towards fashion. How can one forget the prime guitarist and singer of the region – Lou Majaw rocking the stage with denim hot pants and t-shirts? It takes a great deal for a man of 50 or so to rock that looks with such ease, clearly showcasing that style is personal and age is just a number every time!

The street style is one highly influential style. The people really pump up their game with quirky colours, prints and anything, you name it! Trust me; they can pull these off like any other celebrity, triggering a new wave of style and trend. Quirky prints and colours are always in high spirit much before Bollywood adorned it. This fashion game is always taken a notch higher and you can even see the youth wearing matching colours and prints along with brightly coloured shoes with great class and energy.

Their style can be seen highly influenced by the Western culture and lately, the Korean culture. Their unique fashion game is already putting India in one of the top-notch fashion countries. Hence, designers from this region haven’t rested in making India a style hub by mixing the modern culture with their ethnic tribal culture, producing styles equivalent to world’s top-notched styles. Koren Longkumer of Nagaland who is the co-founder of footwear house based in Los Angeles LOQ is a top-notch brand even worn by Solange Knowles in one of her music videos. Stacey Siyem with her unique trait of the blend of tribal and urban style composition has made her name across the globe. Nixon Bui, founder and creator of Nixonbui label, which focuses on blending styles of ancient tribal and Scandinavian origins. Rubu Dming’s designs have graced fashion shows in India, HongKong, Singapore and even worn by Bollywood Celebrities. Even top models coming from this region like Dipannita Sharma, Rewati Chetry, Jantee Hazarika, Lin Laishram has made a name in this fashion world and carved a path of success in this field. Instagram plays a huge role nowadays, bringing out immensely talented bloggers and influencers. Some of these stylish icons hail from this very own region. Nilu Yuleena Thapa, Aien Jamir, Kuvelu Tetseo, Asenia Jamir to name a few whose personalised edgy, classy, quirky styles have landed them work with brands like Nike, Adidas, H&M.

One can always see that the fashion sense of the Northeast people is edgy or quirky. They bear a unique taste bud of style, flaunting the perfect pair of shoes with the outfit, the perfect accessories, you name it and I swear, they have got covered it all. The people here are mostly seen as comfortable and confident in whatever they wear. There’s a wave of hip-hop style, rapper style, punk style, blend of urban and ancient style and pretty much, every style! There’s a kind of style and finesse that the people use here that makes their looks one solid element. It’s like you can almost create your own unique style here but all you need is their flamboyant confidence and creativity to rock whatever you wear. It’s a superpower that men and women carry over here like Drake does with all his music. Maybe, because thanks to the history that this region hasn’t been under part the mainland dynasties like the Guptas, the Mauryans, the Mughals. Hence, this region has actually been influenced by their own culture and tradition mostly which I believe, has given such an extraordinary air of style. Fashion, here, is almost a breathing accessory that has given birth to a distinct design and style of traditional dresses being worn by the people of northeast. You can feel their passion of distinctness in style, accessories, clothing — fashion in their hilly terrains, their curved hilly roads, their lush-green plains, their green forests and pretty much, everywhere!

The Northeast is the X-factor that makes it the country’s fashion hub and statement house. Style and fashion is something that I’m sure that this region is never going to lose. The region will never stop to create breezes of style and trends. They are always on-fleek and will definitely continue to slay up the fashion game in the long run!

So, have you explored your inner Northeast diva, yet?

Written by Tejashee Kashyap