The Shillong Song : Debasish Parashar treats with freshness and Nostalgia in his Musical tribute

“Through the blurry shadows of tall pines, a moody evening in Shillong”.

Shillong- the town that goes by the name “ Scotland of the East” is a paradise for both the tourists and travellers. When I segregate the two, what I mean is that the land has plenty to offer to them who go by the travel agent’s book, at the same not disappointing them who ride high on the “offbeat” bandwagon.

A weekend trip or a week-long stay in Shillong is of equal fun, depending upon the intent of the visitor. Meghalaya’s capital and one of the most popular hill stations of Northeast India, the town has a distinctive aura that is bound to linger on your mind once you have visited the place.

But in the words of Debasish Parashar, the man behind “The Shillong Song”, Shillong more than a name or a place is an emotion, and this is what his new musical video on Shillong tries to portray.

The Shillong song by Parashar takes you on a musical journey to the hill station which can be rainy, sunny and misty in the duration of one single day !!!

The Shillong Song has a breath of freshness and an air of nostalgia and has something for everyone who has ever come across the name or the place.

Having said that, let me learn how much you have known Shillong :

You have never visited the place. Your knowledge about Shillong comes from travel blogs or at best, friends who visited the place.

You have taken occasional bike rides on weekends with friends to Shillong.

You have to visit Shillong every week for professional reasons .

You have visited once and your heart always aches when you hear the name, but the right trip plan just doesn’t work out.

Whichever of these (or other) describes your association with Shillong, the song fits in and doesn’t disappoint on its exhilaration.

Shot in and around the town , the video captures well known places like Police Bazaar, Lady Hardinge Park and also some locations that might not be on a touristy bucket list.

Parashar’s description of Shillong is fable-ish. The “emotion” he speaks of is something that can be best conveyed only when you cut off from everything, plug in your earphones and allow yourself to imbibe his melodious voice.

I will also recommend this song if you are travelling to Meghalaya in a car. Play The Shillong Song on a loop once you cross Ri-bhoi. Let your eyes feast on the tranquility that surrounds you and your ears on Parashar’s angelic voice.

Sung in Assamese, the song is soothing and is definitely a break from commercial Assamese songs. The lyrics of the song and Parashar’s voice is not less than an amalgamation of Bhupen da’s deep narratives and Papon’s melody. The Shillong Song has been watched and re watched 15k times within just a few days of its release.

The Shillong Song by Debasish Parashar :

The Team Behind The Shillong Song

Parashar’s team is one that is comprised of emerging, energetic and highly talented artists. The cinematography has been crafted by Anirban Hazarika and Manash Bora, music production by Pranoy Dutta and Pronoy Saikia. The exhilarating mood that the guitar sets in has been created by Writuraj Gogoi. The other team members are Dipankar Jyoti Bora, Manjit Bhuyan, Danijela Trajkovic and Mysti Milwee who have been associated with Parashar in promoting his works at national and international levels. Non-established actors namely Dipankar Jyoti Bora and Ritom Jyoti have been featured in special appearances in the musical masterpiece.

Parashar goes by the saying, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

Before The Shillong Song, Parashar had collaborated with Mysti Milwee for another project “Pamaru Mana”.

Pamaru Mana is a Borgeet originally composed by the great Vaishnavite scholar and social reformer of Assam, Srimanta Sankardev.

Mysti Milwee  is a Synesthesia Artist, a rare art form in which she creates visual interpretation of music.

Speaking about this rare talent she is blessed with, Mysti says that this is often about vivid imagery, visceral and sometimes inexplicably unsettling. She dreams of making a positive impact on the world through her rare talent.

“Always do whatever I can to make the world a better place. It is where my heart is,” says Mysti.

About Debasish Parashar :

Debasish Parashar is a Creative Entrepreneur, Singer/Musician, Lyricist and Multilingual Poet based in New Delhi, India.

Parashar works as an Assistant Professor of English literature at the University of Delhi and  is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Advaitam Speaks Literary journal.

 His write-up on Majuli has been listed amongst top 100 online #worldheritagesites stories globally in May 2016 by Agilience Authority Index. His literary works have appeared in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Contemporary Literary Review India, Kweli, Enclave/Entropy, Praxis, Expound, Asian Signature, SETU, Five2One, and elsewhere. Parashar has been (or will be) translated into Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Serbian, Albanian, Persian, Macedonian, Afrikaans, Indonesian and many other languages. Debasish’s works are featured in international anthologies such as ‘Where Are You From ?’ (English/Persian) (New York), ‘Apple Fruits of An Old Oak’ (U.S.A) and ‘22 Wagons’ (Serbian) among others.

Mysti S. Milwee, born in Gadsden, Alabama is an International published synesthesia artist (an artist that paints to music) and poetess, from Southside, Alabama. Her art and poetry has widely appeared in numerous magazines, e-zines, anthologies and tours across the USA and abroad and has been used in academic studies and ministries across the US and abroad. Her collaborative works have been published in New Delhi, India with International Famous Singer/Songwriter Debasish Parashar to his Borgeet debut song “Pamaru Mana” which has received global recognition and numerous publications in India, Italy, & the US, huge thanks to Dipankar Jyoti Bora who did amazing work in PR/Exposure in India.  Her latest works have been published in: Her article/writeup “Art & Poetry from the Heart” is published on the Siege Now Blog (India). “Warriors With Wings” The Best of Contemporary Poetry- Editor Michael Lee Johnson & Co Editor Ken Allan Dronsfield, this book includes 41 Contemporary Poets representing 15 countries. Two of my poems titled “Pushing through the Pain”, & “Finding Faith & Freedom”, and a black & white illustration is published in this anthology. “Petals of Love” anthology with Asian Literary Society- Editor Manoj Krishnan. It is an anthology of love poems that is composed of 90 poets from 13 countries.

We at Team NorthEast Feed wish Debasish Parashar and his team all success for The Shillong Song and their upcoming endeavours.