Young Assamese author Jitendra Deka’s debut book “The Rainbow Chaser”: A book that shows light at the end of the tunnel


Reviewed by Manash Pratim Kalita


Alike pearls adorning a jewel, the stories one after one in author’s debut book “The Rainbow Chaser” add an inexplicable amount of ornamentation that inspires, motivates, provokes, questions every reader’s inner-self. Every color of life be it- sorrow and joy, despair and hope, loss and victory; one can find the right mix of all the little and large aspects of all that humankind goes through every-day in the writings. An old watchmaker looming at his legacy, a girl losing herself in front of a gun, a corporate longing for the scent of his soil, youngsters perturbed by abuse related to their looks and origins are all that Jitendra Deka’s short story anthology revolves around and successfully antagonizes everyone’s “Problems”. And, at the end what the very young author has been able to show is light at the end of the tunnel.

The writings of Jitendra Deka have made a point crystal clear that the unprecedented energy level of a budding writer aided by maturity, an art of orchestrating the game of words and a desire to make the masses aware of the contemporary burning issues which have brought North Eastern English literature and storytelling out of the ages. Deka does justice to the universal truth “the pen is mightier than a sword” in his book The Rainbow Chaser. The best part of the creation is that every story has a human resemblance and draws a halo around one’s imagination enabling him/her to see the world through the lenses of what the book is exactly trying to say. In shorter words, in many stories, the reader could feel as if his own story is being told to the masses. As a person who is in an endeavor to earn a name in the chambers of corporate recognition, the stories- Nine to Five, Memories of Loss suddenly get the better of corporate brains and propels to a world of eternal comfort and luxury but also with a substantial amount of self-introspection.

“Time flies” as the saying goes and with it, the laughter of yesteryears also keeps on receding, still nonetheless words inked by the pen of the author allow all of the readers to understand the complex nature of life and also reminds us of responsibilities, duties, and compulsion. The book is highly promising, thought-provoking, refreshing, intriguing and is set to touch readers of all ages and time.


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